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About the Equivesto Community

Founded by Canadian entrepreneurs and investors just like you, our mission is to help improve access to the limited public knowledge available about the private markets in Canada and help facilitate more active investment into local startups & small businesses.

Through our experience helping run over 80 investment deals raising over $50M from thousands of investors, our team at Equivesto has developed a broad understanding of the early-stage investment landscape in Canada and the importance of community for business growth, brand development, and ultimately fundraising.

The Equivesto Community is a location for us to share those learnings with you and invite our community in to benefit from the growing ecosystem we have built together.

Community Funded Growth.

Our Purpose

Helping close the equity gap to private investment access, regardless of wealth or privilege.

Supporting underrepresented & overlooked founders secure the capital they deserve.

Why You Should Join Us

For Investors

For new or seasoned investors looking to hone their investment skills, discover unique opportunities, or simply meet other likeminded people. The Equivesto Community is a knowledge hub for early stage private investment in Canada.

For Companies

For any founders looking to raise capital, the Equivesto Community will be your resource for all things investment, providing key tactics and insights into how to reach your funding goals.  

A Big Thanks

To all the amazing Investors, Companies, and Partners that make up our community.  We wouldn't be anywhere without you! 🚀🇨🇦